Arran Green Map About

Our Values

Below is an overview of the key values behind the Arran Green Map. The map is editorially independent, produced on a voluntary basis and solely funded by donations. There is no fee for inclusion and we reserve the right to define (and redefine) the criteria for inclusion.


We strongly believe in supporting Arran's local economy so the map includes businesses, initiatives and organisations that are truly grounded on the island. Not only do we believe in producing things locally, we encourage that resources and materials are sourced locally. We also care about protecting Arran's distinct cultural heritage and identity. Finally we want local people to have meaningful opportunities to work and volunteer on the island and encourage younger generations to come and live here.


Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, but we go a step further than that. We want to regenerate biodiversity and natural ecosystems of flora and fauna on the island to support our local economy. Not only do we believe that Arran should be a sustainable island, but it should also be self sufficient in food, energy and resources as far as possible if not entirely.

Small Scale

Just like our island is considered "Scotland in Miniature", we believe that "small is beautiful", and our third value is that we promote small businesses and organisations that produce hand made goods or involve skilled artisanship and craftsmanship and sharing these skills with local people. Finally, although Arran isn't quite a perfect circle, we believe in creating a circular economy here.

Me, aged about 3, on a walk up through the forestry towards Glenashdale Falls, Whiting Bay.

The Arran Green Map is a combination of my love for Arran and my determination to protect our natural environment and to regenerate biodiversity here, not to mention my love of drawing maps! This would not be possible without all of the great people behind each of the projects listed, so thank you to everyone for all your hard work.

I hope you all find the map useful. Long may it continue to flourish as Arran's sustainable local economy does :)


As a Graphic Designer who has been inspired by Arran his whole life, I want to do everything I can to help to protect our island's beautiful natural environment and regenerate biodiversity here. Since moving back two years ago after living in Peru, it has been inspiring to see so many organisations, businesses and individuals who are contributing towards similar goals. I created the Arran Green Map to showcase this diversity, to point the island's many visitors towards these great initiatives, and to hopefully inspire more people to travel and move here to help us build a sustainable local economy. My own long term goal is to settle here and start my own regenerative market garden somewhere on the island.

Support The Arran Green Map

If you would like to support the ongoing maintenance of the map, please feel free to send me a donation via paypal using the button below. As well as supporting the time spent on creative and editorial work, you will be indirectly benefiting some of those featured on the map because donations are typically spent locally on groceries (and occasionly organic coffee :)